Giles Gabriel

Giles GabrielGiles studied music at university, where he learnt all about half-diminished-fifths, but now works for John Lewis, which has less than half diminished-fifths.

Nick Bielby

Nick BielbyNick was born and brought up in Canterbury. He joined the Kent youth choir in 1992 and was a member of various musical ensembles within the Kent Music School for far too long (the definition of the word youth was stretched beyond belief - particularly in his case!). He now lives near Reading with his wife and young daughter and currently works as a part time PE teacher and part time House Husband.

Nick Shaw

Nick has sung in many choirs over the years, including all the Kent Youth Choirs (KCJC, KYS, KYC, KYB, KYCC), since the formation of the KCJC in 1987. He has also sung with the Knole Singers since its formation.

He currently lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and five children, working as a computer software engineer.

Piers Woods

Piers WoodsPiers was born and lives in Sevenoaks. A promising career in the pub trade was rudely interrupted by gap year travel followed by a chemistry degree. Luckily, opportunities to become licensee of a student bar and keeper of a college wine cellar presented themselves in Durham alongside oenophillic auditioners for several choirs, enabling him to pursue two keen interests. Following graduation, Piers was delighted to join the Knole Singers whilst studying a law conversion course and singing with the University of London Union Chamber Choir and a local Early music group. Otherwise he enjoys cricket, squash, continental excursions and the occasional 3 day bike ride.